Winter Weather Policy
@ The Ridge

Each winter brings a variety of weather in our area. Sometimes mild, sometimes not-so-mild. In the event of severe winter weather (snow, ice, etc.), here are our policies:
•    As a general rule, we DO NOT cancel worship gatherings @ The Ridge. If at all possible, we WILL gather for worship at our regular time of 10:30am, either on campus or via Facebook livestream.
•    Common sense should prevail for anyone attempting travel during winter weather events. If you don’t feel safe going out, by all means STAY HOME. 
•    If you are confident in driving in the snow and can make it, come on! Just drive slow and carefully.
•    With that said, there are times when it is not prudent for people to get out. When snow or ice make it prohibitive for anyone to safely get to the church campus, the elders will make a decision on cancelling in person, on campus worship gatherings or delaying or abbreviating them.
•    In the event that gathering on our campus is too dangerous for travel, we will still make every effort to have a LIVESTREAM worship gathering on Facebook.
•    Notification of cancellations or changes in schedule will be posted on the church website and social media outlets. We will also attempt to notify local news stations.
•    Email blasts and group text messages will also be sent out to members/attenders whose email addresses and cell phone numbers we have in our database.
•    Check all of these outlets first. We will try not to make decisions too early, because conditions improve many times. However, we will make a decision with enough lead time for people to be able to prepare and get here.
•    If you don’t hear or read from any of these outlets about a cancellation, then assume we ARE gathering for worship at our regular time.
•    AGAIN…if you don’t feel confident driving, or if your neighborhood, street, etc. is not safe, then please stay home.
•    If we are able to meet, and you cannot attend in person, you will be able, as always, to join us on livestream via our Facebook page: @TheRidgeATL . 

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