What are we called to accomplish as a church?

We find these answers in Matthew 28:19-20 (The Great Commission), Matthew 22:37-40 (The Great Commandment), and Acts 2:41-47. The church is a group of people that have been "rescued" (John 3:16-17) by the grace of God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  

The Church @ The Ridge’s Mission:

“To Impact Another Generation For The Glory Of God By Changing People’s Perspective”

·         Matthew 28:18-20

·         Matthew 22:36-40

·         Deuteronomy 6:4-7

·         Psalm 78:1-7

The Church @ The Ridge’s Strategy, to accomplish this Mission:

To Change People’s Perspective About:

·         The Church

·         God

·         Themselves

·         Others

All of this is for the purpose of glorifying God and expanding His kingdom.

A simple way of saying it is…

WHAT we are called to do is to “Impact another generation…”

WHY we are called to do it is “…for the glory of God…”

HOW we are to accomplish it is  “…by changing perspectives.”