Welcome to The Church @ The Ridge!

We are a dynamic church located in Southern Paulding County, Georgia. Our mission is to "Impact Another Generation For The Glory of God by Changing Perspectives". It is our desire to be a people who are authentic in faith, life and relationships. We hope that you will find The Ridge as a place where you can connect with real people who share a real faith.


Service time: 10:30 AM
4278 Hiram Douglasville Hwy,
Hiram, GA 30141
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At our gatherings, you will experience a quality, contemporary style of music, real-life stories, authentic community, creative arts, and relevant teaching from God's Word.We would love to get to know you better, and let you know more about us.

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You may have some questions about Church @ The Ridge:

Hopefully, we can answer some of them here. If you need more details or have a question that's not addressed here, feel free to e-mail us at admin@churchattheridge.com.
What should I expect at your worship gatherings?
 You will experience a quality, contemporary style of music, real-life stories, authentic community, and clear teaching from God's Word.

What about children and preschoolers?
Our desire is to be a family-centered church that will provide quality foundational learning and worship experiences. We love children and provide a safe and secure environment for our little ones in which parents can feel confident. All of our workers go through a complete screening process including background checks and training before working in the preschool and children's ministry areas.

What about middle & high schoolers?
Part of being a family centered church is to provide relevant experiences for teenagers as well. Currently, our students gather on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm at the church campus. In addition, we desire to engage parents with their students, equipping them to walk this journey of faith together.

I've never been to church. Will I be comfortable?
Yes. We hope you will find the people at The Ridge authentic. We are just regular people like you. There is no pretense. You will not feel like you have to act or dress a certain way to feel comfortable. 

What should I wear?
Be comfortable. We dress casually. We do not want clothing to be a requirement for, nor a barrier to, anyone gathering with the church.
What denomination is your church?
The Ridge is an autonomous body of believers. We are associated with the Southern Baptist Convention to more effectively cooperate in areas of missions and ministry. On a local level, we are associated with the Georgia Baptist Convention and the Noonday Association. Our doctrinal beliefs can be found on the What We Believe page of this website. We will regularly evaluate our associations as we seek to network and cooperate with other bodies of believers in the Church.
What other kinds of groups do you offer besides Sunday mornings?
We desire to see people engaged with one another in small group settings. We believe that most life-changing happens in small group with meaningful relationships. We offer opportunities to be involved in a small group that will fit a variety of needs:  from fellowship based groups, to deeper Bible studies, to ministry teams and to support groups. Groups meet on a variety of days or nights during the week in homes throughout the community. Twice a semester we have "Connection Night" on a Sunday evening.  This is a fun time designed to get people connected with others in the same location and station in life. This is how we organize and start small groups.

How can I find out more about The Church @ The Ridge?
We have a special “Newcomers Group” that we call SquareOne.This group is designed to help you find out more about what the Bible teaches about the church, what we believe, what God’s vision is for His Church @ The Ridge, and what His purpose for you is in His Church. This class, which is a precursor to membership @ The Ridge, meets 3 or 4 times during the year. For more info on this contact admin@churchattheridge.com.