Campus Re-Open @ The Ridge

This Sunday May, 24th  we will CONTINUE to Open our church Campus!
We want to make sure we are following recommendations from local officials, so we will open for our Worship Gathering with some limited guidelines.

These guidelines are based on those issued by the Governor’s Office and also recommendations
from the GA Baptist Mission Board. These will be evaluated and updated week to week as things change. PLEASE NOTE some updates for this week, May 24th
    • …you simply aren’t comfortable venturing out. We totally understand!
    • …you are exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough, sneezing, etc.
    • …you are over 65 it is recommended that you stay home also. However, if you are
         comfortable coming, you are welcome to do so!
    • …you have elderly individuals living with them
    • …you are considered part of an “at-risk” group (i.e. underlying health issues) please stay home
  • Please note that Complete disinfecting and sanitizing of building has been done.
  • RidgeKidz Jr.(preschool) AND RidgeKidz (elementary) will be open – limited to 10 children in classroom per new governor’s guidelines and GA Baptist Mission Board recommendations;
  • In the event we are unable to have RidgeKidz for any reason, “Busy Bags” will be made available for elementary age children which will have been sanitized and which they can take home.
  • Worship center distancing set up (we actually think you’ll like it!). All seating is set up to allow for social distancing in sections of 2, 3, 4, or 5 chairs. This will allow for families to sit together.
  • You should only sit with people whom you share a household with. Please consider that when choosing a section in which to sit (i.e. two persons should not choose a section with five chairs)
  • When entering the church facility, all individuals should go directly to the Worship Center, unless you are checking in your preschooler to RidgeKidz Jr.
  • No coffee bar will be open at the moment. However we will reopen this in a modified format soon. (Bring your own if you want to!)
  • Upon the completion of our Worship Gathering, we will dismiss by sections and ask that everyone exit directly outside. Multiple doors will be open to make this easier.
Parents of RidgeKidz and RidgeKidz Jr. area will be dismissed first so they can pick up their kids.
  • All volunteers will be temperature checked prior to serving
  • Restroom usage: We will be relaxing the limited restroom usage. Our restrooms can only accommodate 3-4 people anyway, so per most recent recommendations, we will keep the limit to 3. We do ask that children be accompanied by parents
    • Following use of restroom, we as that each person take provided cleaner and wipe down surfaces you have touched (i.e. sink, counter, toilet seat and handles, stall door handles, etc.)
  • Masks are not going to be required, however if you feel more comfortable wearing one, do so.
  • Offering buckets will not be passed as usual, we will continue to encourage online giving, but there will be offering boxes you can deposit your offering in available at the entrance/exit doors.
  • MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY! Food Boxes will be available for you to take with you when you leave to distribute to friends, family, neighbors who are in need or even yourself if you need it. Great opportunity for you to minister to your neighbors!
If you have any questions, please contact us at