Sweeter than Chocolate!® Galatians: Solid Truth for Slippery Times It's easy to be 'bewitched' by 'another gospel' if you don't know the True Gospel. The Galatians, like many people today, went along with what felt right in the moment rather than standing firm on truth, but the Apostle Paul was unwilling to leave them in their muddled thinking. In the midst of zealous deceivers, Paul reminds his reader then and now that at the heart of the True Gospel is the cross of Jesus Christ, that God has always saved His people by faith, and that in Christ God turns slaves into sons! Growing weary in slippery times? Solid truth is the antidote. In a world of mysticism, syncretism, and other false teaching, it's critical to know truth for yourself so you can discern the influence of 'other gospels' and live in the power and freedom of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Beginning April 11th
Wednesday night Women's Bible study meets at  7:00 pm at the church campus. 
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The Bible study book is recommended but not necessary for the study.  

Spring 2018...
Women's Bible study group   


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