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Ridgekidz Jr. is for children from birth through 4 years. Our goal is to provide an environment characterized as Christ-centered, active, fun and full of love. You will be helping teach the Gospel Project lessons and be engaging with the kids in crafts, games, and other activities. Plan to be in the classroom that you are serving in 30 minutes before service starts to prepare. RidgeKidz is our environment for children kindergarten through 5th grade. It is a high-energy experience that allows kids to learn Biblical principles, worship and build lifelong relationships. Some of the areas available to serve in RidgeKidz/RK Jr. include: Lead teacher Co-teacher Production Administrative Security The Ridge Students (6th – 12th grade) meet every Wednesday night. In addition, throughout the year we have several special events centered on the next generation including special events, Camps & Conferences.

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