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GUIDELINES AND REQUIREMENTS Each individual, group, or organization utilizing CATR facilities (including equipment and property) is required to abide by all church guidelines, requirements and use restrictions at all times. Each individual, group, or organization is required to sign CATR’s Facilities Usage Agreement. CATR incorporates by reference its Code of Conduct, as if fully set forth herein. CATR incorporates its Statement of Faith on Marriage, Sexuality, and Gender Identity, as if fully set forth herein. Use of any controlled substances, including alcohol, tobacco products, and marijuana, is strictly prohibited on church property.Church facilities are to be used with care and left in good, clear condition.Licensee(s) or Invitee(s) reserving CATR facilities or property must confine said usage to pre-approved areas of the church property, as provided for in their Facility Usage Agreement.Any events involving children and youth require adequate adult supervision, provided by the reserving licensee(s) or invitee(s). CATR reserves the right to coordinate and schedule alternative activities and events in other church facilities. CATR reserves the right to accept or deny any applicants who seek to utilize or reserve CATR facilities. Permission that is granted to licensee(s) or invitee(s) to utilize CATR facilities or property shall not be transferred or passed to any alternative individual, group, or organization without the permission of CATR. INSURANCE AND INDEMNITY Non-member facility users will be required to provide their own general liability insurance coverage naming CATR as an additional insured. Any and all damage occurring to CATR facilities as a result of their use or reservation, shall be repaired and replaced by the licensee(s) or invitee(s), at a cost determined by CATR or their designee. All who reserve CATR property or facilities for use agree to release, protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless CATR and its staff, elders, employees, members and other representatives from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, actions, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees and other legal costs) directly or indirectly arising out of their use of any CATR facilities. All of our members, employees, and volunteers must affirm and adhere to this Facility Use Policy and church policies referenced therein to qualify for involvement with the ministry. This is necessary to accomplish our religious mission, goals and purpose. Any non-members who wish to utilize the CATR facilities must acknowledge receipt and review of this Facility Use Policy. Further, non-members must agree to conduct themselves and their event, as well as utilize church facilities, in a manner consistent with the CATR purpose, ministry, Written Statements of Faith, and policies, as set forth herein.I have received, reviewed and agree to adhere to all CATR policies, including but not limited to the Statement of Faith on Marriage, Sexuality, and Gender Identity, Bylaws, Standards of Morals and Conduct, and Statement of Religious Authority. I have read and fully understand the Facility Use Policy and the Facility Use Agreement and hereby expressly agree to adhere to all guidelines, requirements, restrictions and other provisions set forth therein. I request to use the church facilities for the express purpose indicated above, and will utilize said facilities in a manner consistent with these stated purposes. To the best of my knowledge, I am not aware that the reserving individual, group, or organization holds, advances, or advocates beliefs that conflict with the church’s faith or moral teachings. It is agreed and understood that this contract shall remain in force only for the term in which I comply with CATR policies, as set forth herein, and as long thereafter as I comply. I understand that all facilities privileges automatically terminate if I engage in any conduct or avocation of conduct that stands in contradiction to CATR stated beliefs, policies, and mission as set forth herein. I agree to notify CATR authority immediately upon the knowledge that church facilities or properties are being utilized in a manner inconsistent with church policies. I submit to the designated authority of CATR to resolve any disputes relating to church property or facility use.

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