21 Days for '21

Last year we spent a season of prayer and fasting to start off 2020. We had no idea what that year would hold at the time. Here has been my question for myself: If I had known what the year would hold, would I have taken that season of fasting and prayer more seriously and intently? I think all of us might say, yes to that.

Well we are going to kick off this year with another season of Prayer & Fasting called "21 Days For '21" and I hope that we will all consider it critical. 

As we see the events of this past week, and so much of this past year as well, I believe it is essential that the church seek the Lord intently in prayer. We are going to be seeking the Lord for guidance, wisdom, His presence, revival, and spiritual awakening for this coming year. What is it that you need to seek Him for in your life? What is it we need to seek him for as a church? What is it we need to seek Him for on behalf of our families, community, nation? This is what we are going to do for 21 days.
I will be sharing more this Sunday at our Worship Gathering, so make sure you are here in person or you tune in to our livestream HERE or HERE

To help guide you through these 21 days, I would encourage you to connect via this 21-day devotional tool on the YouVersion Bible app: https://www.bible.com/en/reading-plans/35

If you don't have the app, download it on your phone and look under plans for the one simply titled "21 Day Fast" or copy the link into your browser on your computer:  https://www.bible.com/en/reading-plans/35

I would also encourage you to keep a prayer journal of some kind during these days. That will help you to communicate in prayer better, but also to see record and remember what God is saying to you through His word.

One question that always comes up is, "What do I need to fast from?" Food? Social media? Combination? Something else? Here is a quote from day 2 of the devotional:
During this fast, build an altar and lay a sacrifice on it that honors God. It will cost your convenience, your comfort, and it will also take some serious willpower and commitment. What will your sacrifice be during this fast? Make sure it's a sacrifice that will cost you something. Make your commitment in writing and share it with a friend who will hold you accountable to your commitment. Pray for God to show you what He wants you to sacrifice.  

I don't think it means to build a literal altar, but to build one in your heart and mind. (Although if you want to create a symbolic altar, then feel free.) Writing it down and sharing it with someone is important and should suffice. However, I would suggest not sharing it publicly on some social media (just my opinion). Just with a friend or two who are praying and fasting with you so as to remain accountable. Keeping it between you and God and a friend to walk with you should be enough. Keep ourselves humble. Possibly taking a break from social media altogether would do all of us some good. Pray and ask God what it is that he would have you sacrifice during this season of seeking Him more intently. You may already know!

As part of this season, we are also starting a new teaching series this Sunday called "Detours." I think it is going to be very timely! 

Let's join together on our knees with humble hearts as we seek the Lord together for this year. "21 Days For '21" Will you do it?